Music is properly termed the universal language because it is able to transcend all cultural and ethnic barriers and whisper peace to the distressed, hope to the despondent, and joy to the disheartened. No artist speaks this language with more eloquence and style than A7, the sizzling band of brothers whose small-town heritage filters through and enriches their silky, smooth flair. Ministers, entrepreneurs and educated musicians, having studied a variety of musical genres, the brothers (Arcelious, Alonzo, Alexander, Andronicus, Antipas and Antonio) integrate ministry, and various musical styles, including jazz, legendary Motown R&B, classical, blues, rock, hip-hop, gospel and other ethnic sounds, to produce a unique image and an urban soul-stirring flavor in the music that captures audiences from the cradle to the elderly. A7 has coined their own musical genre -- inspirational urban soul.

The group is called "A7" because all of the members' names begin with the letter "A". There are "6" brothers. The "7" acknowledges the presence of God. In addition, in Hebrew scripture the number "7" signifies completion or maturity. When the brothers were younger, they called themselves "A- Boys". Now, they have matured in their sound. So, the number "7" replaces the word "boys," signifying that the brothers have matured and sound like the rich soulful sounds of the Motown legends. Therefore, the name is "A7".

A7 is currently enjoying rising success as musicians and young entrepreneurs on the music scene. A7's recent performance on the Black Entertainment Television Network (B.E.T.) on the Bobby Jones Show has already gained the group national and international recognition for this CD self-titled A7. The CD includes mostly original songs from A7. The CD is produces by A7, 4x Grammy Award-winning producer Michael Mathis and hip-hop producer DJ Wilson. The chemistry that is generated between the group and their producers is reflexive of the fact that they are cousins. They like to say, “It is all in the family.”

This group has gained worldwide notoriety with television performances on other television networks, including the Angel Network, WORD Network and TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). Further, the group continues to give outstanding performances in parks such as Disney World, Six Flags over Georgia and Kings Dominion as well as at schools, colleges, universities and churches across the country. Also, A7 was featured at one of the nine receptions at the Reagan Memorial Auditorium in Washington D.C. for the second-term inauguration of President G. W. Bush, 2005.

Although music is an integral element, it does not completely characterize A7. The brothers are not merely talented musicians and singers, but are also both academically trained individuals.

Furthermore, A7 sincerely believes that success is meaningless without deep spiritual roots and an abounding faith in God. Adopting the classic motto of their Father, Pastor James L. Harris, “We have Come This Far by Faith, leaning on the Lord,” A7 is determined to continue in the same faith with humility.

Arcelious “Daha”
Arcelious is a highly talented, stick-flipping drummer who began his musical journey at the tender age of seven and has captured thousands with his electrifying presence on stage with his brothers. His skillful mastering of the drums and soulful vocals stimulate audiences everywhere A7 performs. Also a songwriter and lyricist, Arcelious, with his captivating exuberance, brings energy and power to the group. He is currently enrolled in LaGrange College studying Business Management and Music. His creative talents extend beyond the musical realm and into the world of fashion. He is a clothing designer and founder of D’Clipse designs. D’Clipse designs are tailored by Nova International in Bangkok, Thailand. His other talents include writing poetry, mastering the clarinet, crocheting, and producing and developing other aspiring artists. Arcelious adds, “The greatest joy I get out of our ministerial experience is seeing my peers be inspired by the lyrics that we sing.”

As a graduate of LaGrange College (listed within Georgia’s top ten four-year liberal arts colleges) in Creative Music Technology and having recently completed a master's degree program, Alonzo keeps busy. Alonzo is a prolific drummer, organist and pianist. He just completed a Master of Music (M.M) with a concentration in Contemporary Improvisation at New England Conservatory in Boston, MA. Alonzo splits his time between his academic duties, the studio, and performing with his brothers. Alonzo is a lyricist and composer of both popular and classic musical pieces. Alonzo is a child prodigy. He is a prolific drummer, organist, pianist and composer. His musical gift has earned him many accolades. Alonzo’s creative genius on the keyboard and smooth vocals add a new dimension to A7's sound as he lends his suave voice to the group’s background and lead vocals. Among Alonzo’s interests and training are gospel, jazz, classical, folk composition and performance and classical/opera singing.

Alexander “LX”
The driving force of A7 is, no doubt, the lead singer Alexander “Lx” Harris. This young man possesses a rich golden voice that stirs the souls of all those who hear him sing. His polished lyrical styling and dynamic energy transcends all genres. Alexander is a classically trained singer and has toured with the LaGrange College Tour Choir, singing songs such as O’le Man River from Broadways’ Riverboat. He is also a winner of the NATS award for singing classical music. After completing LaGrange College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Human Services and Psychology, Alexander enrolled in Boston University where he has completed his Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) and recently finished his Master of Theology (M.T.S.). Even with his busy schedule, Alexander still finds time to write and produce for A7 and other recording artists around the world. Alexander uses his gift to minister the word of God. He has served as singing Evangelist at his home church, A House of the Living God, Church of Jesus Christ in Manchester, GA. Also, Alexander has served as youth pastor at the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Roxbury, MA. His greatest joy is “reaching out to the community and seeing to the welfare of those in need.” When he is not singing and ministering the word of God, Alexander enjoys baseball, soccer, and ethnic foods.

Andronicus “Duke”
The group’s electric guitarist and bassist is Andronicus “Duke” Harris. With skillful ingenuity, Andronicus adds distinct flavor to the group’s production. His academic pursuits led him to LaGrange College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English and minor in Religion and a Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) from Candler School of Theology at Emory University. Andronicus is the LAWYER of the group. As of May 6, 2005, Andronicus has completed his studies at Mercer University School of Law and now has earned the Juris Doctorate (J.D.). Moreover, as co-associate pastor at his home church in Manchester, Georgia, and a traveling evangelist, one of Andronicus’ passions is spreading the gospel message through preaching. As a gifted and anointed speaker, Duke has preached youth addresses and other special addresses for schools, banquets and rallies all over the southeast and the northeast. In this capacity, Andronicus is a youth mentor, counselor and a powerful young revivalist. Andronicus has also enjoyed teaching English on the college level. He is a prolific speaker and profound scholar. Andronicus’ musical gifts extend beyond merely playing the guitar; he is also a songwriter and has written for many recording artists, including gospel legend Dorothy Norwood. Among his many interests are fishing, traveling, music and academics.

Adding to this multi-talented crew is Antipas Harris. Antipas is a keyboardist, songwriter, and co-producer. As a child prodigy, he began playing the piano by ear as a toddler (two years old). Also, Antipas has served as associate pastor at A House of the Living God for more than seven years. He has served the Covenant Congregational Church in Jamaica Plain Massachusetts as youth pastor, and Abundant Life Church of God in Tyrone, GA as music pastor. He has a sincere heart for ministry and is open to all people. His sincere love for God leads this dynamic young man to his ministry as a profound teacher, evangelist, and counselor. He offers pastoral care to adults and high school and college students. Antipas has given academic lectures and delivered motivational and inspirational speeches in several places including his alma mater, LaGrange College, Morehouse College, in Mexico, Canada and Germany. After high school, Antipas attended LaGrange College where he received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Religion and in Creative Music Technology. He furthered his education by receiving a Masters of Divinity (M.Div) from Candler School of Theology at Emory University and a Masters of Sacred Theology (S.T.M.) from Yale University. He has won several awards as a young scholar and has studied at Harvard University Divinity School and Boston College and the Gordon Conwell School of Theology. Antipas’ interests include science, philosophy; skating, fishing, sunset walks on the beach and ethnic foods. Antipas’ motto is “Do all you can for God and others while you can and through Christ who is able to strengthen all.”

Antonio “T”
Completing the smooth sounds of A7 is Antonio “T” Owens. Antonio’s strong tenor voice, along with his irresistible melodies and unbelievable hooks, add rich flavor to A7's four-part harmonies and already unique sound. In addition to being a singer, Antonio is an educator and youth minister who mentors and counsels high school and college students. He attended Gordon College, earning an Associate of Science (A.S.) in mathematics. Antonio went on to receive several degrees in mathematics, including a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from LaGrange College and a Masters of Education (M.Ed.) from Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia. He has recently completed his specialist in education (Ed.S.) from Columbus State University. Antonio plays many roles in life, but the most important of these is his role as a husband to Soraya, his wife of six years, and a father to their three girls: Alexandria, Damarisse, Giovanna and little Jada. Antonio’s interests include computers, fishing and traveling.

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